Below, we give you a little explanation about our services in wedding photography and video.



Our most popular product in wedding pictures is the digital album (size 40x30 cm, opened 40x60 cm). All album is designed with digital images and the price includes taking pictures all the day during your wedding, digital composition and finished album. There are other size albums. You can see them at "our prices" in this website.



The video is absolutely edited in digital. The price includes 3 Dvd's and 1 Blu-ray. We record and edit video in high definition.



The prices that we give you in “our prices” include all except delivery.



During the wedding day we usually take photos and video in these places:


- The groom (in the hotel room, alone and with your family (fathers and brothers & sisters)

- The bride (in the hotel room, alone and with your family (fathers and brothers & sisters)

- Church (or equivalent)

- Documental (He & She in a garden or in the beach, only the couple).

- Restaurant/Reception. We stay with you until the dance.



It's very difficult to understand the meaning of a Digital album without see it. If you come to Barcelona before your wedding we can meet us and we show you the album. Also, if you are interested, you can send us and e-mail and we can give you a link where you can see a finished digital album.



If you need to know anymore, please write us an e-mail and we try to answer all the questions that you have.